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Is silica fume harmful?

silica fume is harmful to lung, easy scald, the operation must not explode easily when furnace! If mix into arsenic that is poisonous, arsenic! Body dropsy, hair whiten, complexion is hoar, toxic even death

Silica fume

[the exterior and character] : Black Brown amorphous metalloid powder or hard and the crystal of luster.

[main use] : Use at making compound of alloy, organic silicon and 4 chloridize silicon wait, it is material of semiconductor of a kind of epochmaking.

Healthy harm

[invade a way] :

[healthy harm] : This tasting avirulent to human body. High concentration is inspiratory cause respiratory tract to spend stimulation gently, into the eye winker serves as inside pleasant to see stimulating.

Pink of long-term and inspiratory silicon brings about respiratory tract fiber easily to change, namely the occupational disease that people often says- – pneumoconiosis, must notice, avoid to contact this kinds of material as far as possible, if must be contacted should wear guaze mask

Opinion proposal: Deposit of the meeting after silicon pink is inspiratory arrives in lung, long-term and many inspiratory adverse to body affirmation, if stay for a long time in the place that has dust to suggest to use some of preventive measure, because if the word of pneumoconiosis is,comparative refractory, must add an attention more

The cough that behaves normally, pant, the bosom is frowsty lack of power, tired, bosom is prickled or back has keenly feel to wait a moment, but if you pursue the trade of this respect, had better be checked regularly, if when when having a symptom, the likelihood is late, need attention

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