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96 Grade Silica Fume for Refractory

96 Grade Silica Fume for Refractory

Micro Silica Fume (scientific name Microsilica or Silica Fume), The average particle size of the micro silicon powder is 0.15-0.20μm, Specific surface area is 15000-20000 m2/kg, We can provide 85 grade silica fume, 92 grade silica fume, 94 grade silica fume, 96 grade silica fume.

Silica Fume for Refractory:

Microsilica is added to alumina based refractories to improve the mechanical properties at lower costs and its utilisation results in a two-fold increase in mechanical strength over the same composition obtained by using chemical grade silica. However, microsilica is believed to improve the flow behaviour of castables through the formation of low melting liquid calcium aluminosilicate phases. Thus the properties of castables containing microsilica are greatly influenced by the CaO content in the composition.

Acting as a filler is not the only effect of microsilica in refractory castables. It has been shown in studies of cement pastes with microsilica that a certain fraction of the microsilica reacts with the cement and water to form so-called C-A-S-H (CaO-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O) phases in addition to the C-A-H (CaO-Al2O3-H2O) and A-H (CaO-Al2O3) phases normally found in hydrated cement. The C-A-S-H phases are of zeolitic nature and the amounts of these hydration products are dependent on the quality (purity) of the microsilica.

Silica Fume Application:

1, used for mortar and concrete in high-rise buildings, wharf, dams, water conservancy, railway, highway, bridge, culvert, tunnel, subway, airport runway, concrete pavement and coal roadway anchor reinforcement.

2. In the material industry:

(1) high-grade, high-performance, low cement refractory castables and prefabricated parts, the service life is three times of ordinary castables, the refractoriness is increased by about 100℃, and the high temperature strength and thermal shock resistance are obviously improved. It has been widely used in the industries of coke oven, iron making, steelmaking, rolling, non-ferrous metal, glass, ceramics and power generation.

(2) large iron runner and ladle materials, air permeable bricks, and mending materials.

(3) the construction and application of self flow refractory castable material and dry wet injection.

(4) the oxide – bonded silicon carbide products (ceramic kiln furniture, flame-sheet, etc).

(5) high temperature calcium silicate lightweight heat insulation material.

(6) the corundum mullite is used to push the plate in the electric porcelain kiln.

(7) high temperature wear resistant materials and products.

(8) corundum and ceramic products.

(9) Sialon bonded products. In addition to the widespread use of castable refractory materials, a large number of applications have been obtained in the electrofusion and sintered refractory materials.

3, new wall materials, decorative materials:
(1) wall insulation polymer mortar, thermal insulation mortar, interface agent.
(2) cement based polymer waterproof material.
(3) light aggregate heat preservation and energy saving concrete and products.
(4) the inner and outer wall buildings are processed with putty powder.

Packaging & Delivery

10kg soluble paper bags x 84 on the pallets.
20kg soluble paper bags x 42 on the pallets.
950kg plastic woven bags x 2 on the pallets(with or without bottom output )
1000kg plastic woven bags x 2 on the pallets(with or without bottom output )
500kg plastic woven bags x 2 on the pallets (with or without bottom output )
We can also produce according to your requirement.

96 Grade Silica Fume for Refractory

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96 Grade Silica Fume for Refractory

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