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Application of micro silica in thermal insulation materials

Silica Fume for Super High-rise Building

Micro silica is a kind of active raw material, which can greatly improve the quality of the project after adding. Especially in improving the strength and early strength of the project. The micro silica fume is spherical under a microscope. After adding water, it forms a kind of hydrogel under the action of water, which is in a network chain structure and can play the role of wrapping water. Under the action of external force, it can release water and produce hydration with cement to increase strength.

Compared with calcium silicate, micro silica can completely replace it in thermal insulation materials, and has absolute advantages in many aspects: the price is only 1/5 of calcium silicate, which can better ensure the later strength of the project.

The engineering quality can be greatly improved when the amount of silica fume is about 3%~10%. With these advantages, the thermal insulation material industry is gradually recognizing and using silica fume. It is widely used and can be used as the following finishing materials:

1. Polymer mortar, thermal insulation mortar and interface agent are used for wall insulation.
2. Cement-based polymer waterproof material.
3. Lightweight aggregate thermal insulation energy-saving concrete and products.
4. Putty powder processing used for the interior and exterior walls.

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