Silica Fume in Shotcrete

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Silica Fume in Shotcrete

Silica fume for Shotcrete

Silica fume is a widely used material in shotcrete, although it can not be considered as an admixture. It is a kind of material with very strong volcanic ash activity, which can not only improve the adhesion of the thick lining, but also obtain high early strength. In many construction, the use of silica fume can reduce the dosage of coagulant. It is mainly divided into two kinds: dry method and wet method.

With the combination of silica fume and other cementitious materials, high performance shotcrete by wet spraying has the following advantages:

(1) low alkaline corrosiveness;

(2) high workability and low slump loss;

(3) low springback, greatly reducing the ground ash of shotcrete;

(4) high early strength and late intensity;

(5) high durability.

(6) improve the thickness of the single spray layer.