Super dispersibility undensified microsilica

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Super dispersibility undensified microsilica

The undensified microsilica describes condensed silica fume sourced directly from a silicon or ferro silica furnace; the bulk density at source can be as low as 150kg/m3 and has the consistency of a thick smoke. The bulk density of undensified silica fume is <400 kg/m3. Naturally occurring amorphous silica can have bulk densities in the same range as undensified silica fume.

Undensified: Raw material. Difficult to collect and package in this form. Fine granular in appearance has a grain size less than 0.5mm. (Minimal densification improves handling whilst agglomerations are loose).

Other names: undensified silica fume, fireproof material, refractory material, cement composition, component cement component, silica fume, silicafume

Undensified silica fume (usually called I oxit silicon silicon ingot) is the role of calcium and hydroxit activity may be a fine ash (Qualitative) generated in the process of hydration of Portland cement hydroxit calcium crystal structure, and increase the degree of moisture resistance of Kennedy, in order to improve the fatigue life of concrete. Its size (smaller, super smooth cement particle size 100 times) can fill the concrete structure in these empty holes, and the cement particles can’t be filled.

Undensified microsilica Spec:
SiO2: ≥ 95%

Moisture: ≤ 03%

LOI: ≤ 06%

PH: – 5,5

Cl: NO

Packing: 25 kg / bag

Slurries, Blended Cement; Grouts, concretes, mortars, and refractories.