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Self insulation block silica fume

Composite insulation block is based on the current status of the new wall materials industry development, with high performance microsilica hollow block as shell, fill light thermal insulation materials such as foam micro silica fume powder or polystyrene foam, microsilica density and heat preservation material injection molding into the entirety and form silica fume block with building envelope and heat insulation function, its has many excellent comprehensive performance, such as light weight and high strength, thermal insulation, sound-absorbing insulation, simple construction and low cost.

Self insulation block is composed of three parts: one part is common micro silica fume hollow shell; the other part is the microsilica inorganic foam insulation materials, which play the role of insulation, sound-absorbing insulation and fireproof effect; there is a part of foamed polystyrene board, mainly reduce weight, heat preservation, heat insulation effect; micro silica and polystyrene foam board by special interface technology combine with microsilica and form unified whole. Insulation block shape is simple, easy processing and production, the end of the block slot design effectively block heat, increase the thermal performance of the block material.

Micro silica fume composite self insulation block four advantages:

First, the same life as the building, can be built into walls alone, which solves the integrity and weatherability of the building thermal insulation wall, and makes the service life of the wall insulation system really achieve the same life as the building, so as to solve the worries.

Two, eliminate fire hazards. Since the self insulation block shell adopts high performance micro silica fume, in the production process, with thermal insulation material are formed into whole. This structural form eliminates the hidden danger of fire.

Three, reduce the cost of building;

Four, save time limit, the original external wall insulation needs at least one month’s construction period. The high performance microsilica fume self insulation block can directly enter the decoration without external wall insulation.