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Harga silica fume per kgApprox. Price: $ USD 0.5 /Kilogram

harga silica fume per kg: Rs 35/Kilogram

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Kilogram
Grade: Industrial
Packaging Size: 25 Kg
Packaging Type: HDPE Bag
Color: Grey

Benefits of Microsilica in Concrete Aditive
Longer service life:
Microfine is a highly reactive pozzolan and gives concrete denser Microstructure, Lower Permeability & Higher Electrical Resistivity leading to improved durability.
The durability of a reinforced concrete structure can be defined as the capability of the structure to maintain its original functional and structural characteristics during the expected service life in the exposure conditions it was intended for.

Combined with correct design and workmanship, micro silica concrete offers characteristics that will ensure long term durability and service life.

Higher strength concrete
Microfine is used to make the high strength concrete that is often essential in major projects, such as record breaking tall buildings, Roads and Bridge.

These engineering applications requiring high strength concrete use microsilica as a cost effective means to increase compressive strength.

Ultra-high strength concrete (UHSC), typically defined as >150MPa can be achieved using higher dosages of Microfine Increased strength results from Micro silica’s particle packing & pozzolanic reaction. In Micro Silica concrete, the thickness of the transition zone (interface) between the cementitious paste and aggregate is reduced and the CH crystals are smaller and more randomly oriented, resulting in decreased porosity & increased interface bonding strength.