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High purity microsilica

High purity silicon powder is processed by physical method to process and purify industrial silicon powder.

High purity silicon powder production process:

High purity silicon production: qualified industrial silicon use pure water cleaning, broken to small particle, through the electromagnetic primaries, sent to the one or two level of raymond mill and ultra raymond mill until 200-400 mesh, adding appropriate amount of pure water in the process of grinding, grinding out the silicon liquid, into the sedimentation tank of liquid phase deposition, then adding acid to stir 2-3 h catalyst impurities precipitated silicon in the liquid by drying after air break electromagnetic selection, screening, finally through the cyclone collection device into vacuum packaging.

The process includes the pretreatment of raw materials – initial magnetic – liquid deposition – stirring catalytic – cleaning – drying – static electromagnetic – selected package – finished products

At present some important projects, such as the dam diversion tunnel, advanced ceramic refractory, expressway and durability construction projects, a large number of microsilica powder is needed. Silica fume is also applied in refractory industry and special cement industry.

The main application of high purity silica fume at abroad is:

1. Construction of Marine anticorrosive building 30%

2. High grade refractory industry. 30%

3. Roads, Bridges and special cement. 30%

4. Chemical, electronics. 5%

5. others. 5%